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DNA gel loading buffer (5X)

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Use 3 µl per 10 µl sample

0.25% bromophenol blue 125mg
0.25% xylene cyanol 125mg
0.1M EDTA 25mL 0.2M EDTA
30% glycerol in H2O 15mL
 10mL H2O

For RNAse containing DNA loading buffer, (for those of you that use miniprep DNA in translations and therefore do not treat miniprep DNA with RNAse) make as above except that you add 1/40th volume of a solution of 1 mg/ml RNAse A.  
Pre-boil the RNAse A stock solution for 10 minutes to kill any contaminating DNAse. 

Nowadays it is not usually necessary to boil the RNAse A, but every once in a while when someone is lazy and doesn't do it they no longer have DNA in their minipreps - or worse yet it looks fine but they can't use it for cloning!