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Yuval Shaked, Elizabeth Pham, Santosh Hariharan, Ksenia Magidey, Ofrat Beyar-Katz, Ping Xu, Shan Man, Florence T.H. Wu, Valeria Miller, David Andrews and Robert S. Kerbel

Evidence Implicating Immunological Host Effects in the Efficacy of Metronomic Low-Dose Chemotherapy

Cancer Research 2016 V16(20)

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Sina Oppermann, Jarkko Ylanko, Yonghong Shi, Santosh Hariharan, Christopher C. Oakes, Patrick M. Brauer, Juan C. Zúñiga-Pflücker, Brian Leber, David E. Spaner, David W. Andrews

Identification of kinase inhibitors that overcome venetoclax resistance in activated CLL cells by high-content screening

Blood 2016

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Anthony Tsikouras, Richard Berman, David W. Andrews, and Qiyin Fang

High-speed multifocal array scanning using refractive window tilting

Biomedical Optic Express, Vol 6, Issue 10, 2015

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Collins Tony J., Ylanko Jarkko, Geng Fei, and Andrews David W.

A Versatile Cell Death Screening Assay Using Dye-Stained Cells and Multivariate Image Analysis

Assay and Drug Development Technologies, Vol 13, Issue 9, Sep 2015

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Justin Kale, Qian Liu, Brian Leber, David W. Andrews

Shedding Light on Apoptosis at Subcellular Membranes

Cell December 2012, Volume 151 Issue 6 pp:1179-1184

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Qian Liu, Brian Leber, David W. Andrews

Interactions of pro-apoptotic BH3 proteins with anti-apoptotic Bcl-2 family proteins measured in live MCF-7 cells using FLIM FRET

Cell Cycle October 2012, Volume 11 Issue 9 pp:3536-3542

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Aranovich, A., Liu, Q., Collins, T.J., Geng F, Dixit S, Leber B. and David W. Andrews.

Differences in the mechanisms of proapoptotic BH3 proteins binding to Bcl-XL and Bcl-2 quantified in live MCF-7 cells

Mol Cell. March 2012 Vol-45 Issue-6 pp:754-763.

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Anthony Tsikouras, Jin Ning, Sandy Ng, Richard Berman, D W Andrews and Qiyin Fang

Streak camera crosstalk reduction using a multiple delay optical fiber bundle

Optics Letters January 2012 Vol. 37, Issue 2, pp. 250-252

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Glauber C Brito, D W Andrews

Removing Bias against membrane proteins in interaction networks

BMC Systems Biology October 2011 , 5:169

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Domina Falcone, Matthew P. Henderson, Hendrik Nieuwland, Christine M. Coughlan, Jeffrey L. Brodsky and D W Andrews

Stability and function of the Sec61 translocation complex depends on the Sss1p tail-anchor sequence

Biochem Journal June 2011 Vol-436 Issue-2 pp-291-303

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Christian Bogner, Leber, B. and David W. Andrews

Apoptosis: embedded in membranes

Current Opinion in Cell Biology Volume 22, Issue 6, December 2010, Pages 845–851

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Ding, J., Zhang, Z., Roberts, J.G., Falcone, D., Miao, Y., Shao, Y., Zhang, X.C., David W. Andrews and Lin, J.

Bcl-2 and Bax Interact via the BH1–3 Groove-BH3 Motif Bcl-2 and Bax Interact via the BH1–3 Groove-BH4 Motif

The Journal of Biological Chemistry June 2010 285- 37 (28749–28763)

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Jonathan F. Lovell, Lieven P. Billen, Scott Bindner, Aisha Shamas-Din, Cecile Fradin, Brian Leber, and David W. Andrews

Membrane Binding by tBid Initiates an Ordered Series of Events Culminating in Membrane Permeabilization by Bax .

Cell 135(6): 1074-1084, 04 December 2008

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Lieven P. Billen, Candis L. Kokoski, Jonathan F. Lovell, Brian Leber, David W. Andrews

Bcl-XL Inhibits Membrane Permeabilization by Competing with Bax

PLoS Biol 6(6): e147 doi:10.1371/journal.pbio.0060147

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